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Ashley Raj-Tye
--Professional Senior Cinematic Artist | 3D Environment/Level Artist going on 11 years, living in San Francisco, CA--
| AshleyRajTye@gmail.com |
| www.AwesomeTreehouse.net |
| 510-825-8300 |




To help create amazing art within a great team/environment


  • Ability to work within a complex next-gen or mobile art production pipeline under art and technical roles
  • Experience working and communicating with multiple art outsourcing teams
  • Strong understanding of environment modeling, lighting, structure, and layout within technical specifications
  • A huge passion for environments, architecture, composition, and video games
  • Detail oriented, organized, and always learning to help advance my skill set

Released Titles

  • AAA SimCity – Cities of Tomorrow, PC
  • AAA SimCity, PC
  • Star Wars – Imperial Academy, iOS
  • Star Wars – Brisksaber, iOS
  • iBowl, iOS
  • AAA Playstation Home, PS3
  • Playce, PC
  • Eternal Earth, PC
  • Meru Virtual World, PC


Electronic Arts - Redwood City, CA   11/18-Present
Senior Cinematic Artist

Flying Wisdom Studios, San Francisco, CA   05/15-contract
3D Artist/Generalist

  • New IP, mobile platforms: Helped develop the art pipeline for in house and outsourcing; involved a technical background in Unity and Maya; tested out level layout and design; created documentation for future artists; worked closely with creative and engineers

A.T.H., San Francisco, CA   01/14-04/15
3D Artist/Generalist

  • Contract 3D Artist for multiple projects

Electronic Arts - Maxis, Emeryville, CA   05/12-11/13
3D Artist/Generalist

  • AAA SimCity - Cities of Tomorrow, PC: Helped create a solid futuristic atmosphere for the SimCity Expansion Pack; involved extensive knowledge in understanding the game engine, scripting language, and having an eye for color, concept, and layout; worked in teams, incorporating various design elements to leave a cohesive yet unique look to dozens of assets; rigged, added, and edited building animations such as doors, fans, elevators, etc.; animated and placed building signage, and added/edited building decals, requiring script editing; helped model and texture various vehicles

Game/Marketing Artist

  • AAA SimCity, PC: Helped in building the worlds for presentation on the marketing side while the game was still in development; built many scenes in engine to capture game footage and print ready assets; involved extensive knowledge in understanding the game engine, scripting language, editing for print, and having an eye for lighting, level layout and design; worked very closely with the entire Development Team to help show off game style, story, and beauty; captured endless amounts of footage in engine, required strong knowledge of script editing; captured all footage for the opening game cinematic; videos involved extensive pre-planning on different stories to tell, and laying them out from beginning to end

Flying Wisdom Studios, San Francisco, CA    07/10-contract
3D Artist/Technical Artist

  • Star Wars- Imperial Academy, iOS: Construct and texture environments in engine
  • Star Wars- Brisksaber, iOS: Create particle effects; import character models ; implement U.I art

A. Odyssey    10/09-07/10
Environment Artist/Scene Designer

  • Model, unwrap, and texture environment assets; correct existing assets to fit specifications; layout scenes for animation

Tall Chair, San Francisco, CA    09/09-10/09
3D Artist

  • Model, and texture character components for a Wii game

Social Gaming Networks, Palo Alto, CA    07/09-09/09
Environment Artist

  • iBowl, iOS: model, unwrap, and texture environments

Lamplighter Studios, San Francisco, CA     10/08-04/09
Environment Artist/Technical Artist

  • AAA Playstation Home, PS3: Model, unwrap, and texture character models and environment assets; work with outsourcing teams to create and correct existing character models to fit specifications
  • Playce, PC: Model, unwrap, and texture environment assets; correct existing assets to fit specifications
  • Eternal Earth, PC: Model, and unwrap characters to fit specifications

Stanford Virtual World Group, Palo Alto, CA    07/08-01/09
Environment Artist Intern

  • Meru Virtual World, PC: Model, unwrap, and texture foliage, world props and architecture for a PC game


Autodesk Maya | Adobe Photoshop | Pixologic Z-Brush | xNormal map creation
Unity 3D | Unreal Editor | GtkRadiant | Cube Editor | Vue 7 basics
C++/Mel/HTML basics | Marmoset Toolbag | Mental Ray for Maya | Adobe After Effects | Adobe Dreamweaver


The Art Institute of California-San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

  • B.S. in Game Art and Design


All content created by Ashley Raj-Tye (unless stated otherwise)
All content not used in a specific video game is Copyright© 2018 Ashley Raj-Tye - AwesomeTreehouse.net